• innovatoraviator
  • August 20, 2015

Are You Hip To This | Lanz Pierce Delivers on “Editor’s Eye”

Queens rapper Lanz Pierce dropped her sophomore EP, Editor’s Eye, back in March to significant acknowledgement from major outlets like iTunes, Vevo, Spotify, and Sirius XM. The road that Lanz has taken to get to this point has been a long one; she started her pursuit at the young age of 14. It is obvious that it is a strong sense of focus and responsibility that allowed her to tackle such big aspirations at such an early age, and continue to grind today. These themes of focus and self-awareness are prevalent throughout Editor’s Eye, an impressive incarnation of the work that Lanz Pierce has put in over the years.


Over the course of the EP, we hear a controlled, focused, and calm tone both in terms of the songs’ beats and Lanz’s verses. Even during the record’s more intense moments, we do not encounter rushed music or sloppy delivery. Everything is calm, cool, and collected. Take a listen to my personal favorite track, “Charge It To The Game.” The beat is clear and captivating, featuring a driving drum track and a gentle electric keyboard; Lanz’s flow has razor-sharp precision, reminiscent of an Eminem-type delivery.

Furthermore, the level of confidence found in the messages of these songs is inspiring. For example, the assured attitude towards sexual identity present in “Do It Me” is one of the highlights of this EP. This track is not merely a plea to the listener’s instinctual attraction to sex; it is a proclamation of an artist’s desires in a powerful and assertive manner.

To learn more about Lanz Pierce and listen to the entire EP visit her Soundcloud page.

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