• innovatoraviator
  • November 3, 2015


Without question, one of the highlights of doing the whole blog thing is discovering or being put on to dope new music. That’s exactly what happened today when I was pointed in the direction of New York-based artist Lanz Pierce and her sophomore EP, Editors Eye.

Lanz, who dropped out of high school at the age of 14 to pursue a career in music, has a pretty storied background that includes characters like Jimmy Iovine and a record deal with Interscope. Today the artist is aligned with Innovators and Aviators, and with Editors Eye the listener is left with a sense that Lanz Pierce has finally (and officially) arrived. We’re offered an in depth glimpse into her life as Pierce serves up personal music detailing the ups and downs she’s experienced on her journey thus far.


From her music to her love life and everything in between and beyond, Editors Eye works as the perfect introductory piece to Lanz Pierce. The production is a varied combination of upbeat and grimy, helping to showcase the different sides and emotions expressed through Lanz’s lyrical content. Throughout it all, we’re left with the impression that Lanz Pierce has used the experiences she’s lived through since her early teens to grow into the driven individual she has become. From the setbacks and the accomplishments, she paid attention to life’s lessons and hasn’t forgotten the messages or meanings behind each experience.

Overall, Editors Eye is a unique collection of dope music that leaves me anticipating more. Thankfully, I’m late to Lanz Pierce’s party and, since the EP was released in March, I’m expecting we’ll hear some new original content from the talented artist sooner rather than later.

Stream and download Editors Eye below. In addition to the EP, I’ve included the visuals for “WATERFALLS” and “CONFESSIONS”, so enjoy those sultry videos as well.



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